Get your dance shoes on.
Whitby is open every Wednesday.


If you want to improve the quality of your dancing, then a dance workshop is for you. A workshop will last around 4 hours and includes intensive tuition sometimes on a one to one basis if required. Maybe you have been dancing for a while and would just like to know more detail about what the instructor has been teaching during our class nights.

A workshop is a great way to spend some time either mastering the first steps so you can dance to moves you will learn with others. Or maybe you want to enhance your style and the number of moves to improve your dancing.

Workshops are a great chance to meet people who at a similar level of dancing. They are also likely to be around at one of our nights, so therefore expanding your dance partner network


Beginners workshops are based around a small group with an intructor, demo and lots of helpers, and will teach you around 10 moves.
We'll teach you the basics of the dance; hand-hold, signals, basic footwork, and some style tips, all targeted to help you learn to dance proficiently
These are just some of the things we'll teach you so that you can further enjoy our class and freestyle nights.
It's a fun way to learn, whilst meeting new people.


Aimed at dancers who have mastered the basics, and want to improve their dancing abilities further. You may learn walks, dip & drops or other moves that will enhance your dancing portfolio.
Intermediate workshops are the next step for jivers as we aim to improve your dance skills, build on your confidence and refine the style, rhythm and posture that turn you into a great dancer.
Again it's about 9 moves, but this depends on each group as the Instructor chooses the moves to develop and challenge the group as a whole.

Take a look at the workshops coming up at your venue, and grab the opportunity to improve your dancing:

No workshops planned yet, check back later

For further information contact:
Andy: 07703 491413
Ellen: 07929 635025